Draper dental implants

Draper Dental Implants

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Implants in Draper

Draper dental implants
Draper dental implants

If you are under the impression that implants are just another way to replace teeth, we at Granite View Dental would like to tell you all about them so you can make an informed decision when you need to restore your smile to its full state.

The tooth part of our Draper dental implants is only one half of it. With a traditional bridge or dentures, the tooth you see is all there is. You may think that is enough, since that’s the part that everyone sees and what you use to chew your food. But consider that the reason your natural teeth are so strong is that they have roots. The root is beneath the gum line and anchored securely in your jaw. Well, that’s exactly the same for our Draper dental implants. A titanium post acts as the root. It is placed in your jaw and your bone tissue grows around it. Over the course of a few months, the bone and post fuse together, giving you a root just as reliable as your real ones. It is them that your tooth-colored crown is made from impressions and then cemented to the post. Every time you speak, laugh, or chew, you can have the confidence of knowing that your implant is secure. You can eat the toughest and crunchiest foods without a worry in the world. There are no messy adhesives as with traditional dentures. And there is no effect on your other teeth as with a bridge. Your implant works fully on its own. Brush it and floss between it and your other teeth as you would normally. With proper care, you can get a lifetime of use out of it.

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